Say, Have you Read Invincible?

The Comic: Invincible, written by Robert Kirkman, with art by Ryan Ottley.

What it’s about: Mark Grayson is a regular kid, but with a secret. His father is really the superhero Omni-Man, who is for all intents and purposes Superman. And one day Mark discovers that he has inherited his father’s powers and becomes the superhero Invincible. Things are going great until Mark finds out that his father didn’t come to Earth to defend it- he’s doing reconnaissance for an invasion of superpowered aliens.

Why you should read it: With shared universes all the rage across media, it’s kind of refreshing to spend some time in a superhero world that isn’t expansive. Invincible (with very, very few exceptions) sticks to one series and has been running for a long time. All of the drama, world shattering events, team-ups, galactic wars and status-quo changes happen in the confines of a single series, one that manages to have its cake and eat it too. You get all of the fun, big moments you would hope to get from seeing a new Avengers movie, but you never have to worry that you missed an important issue or film. If you read the paperbacks of Invincible in order, you get the whole story, and it’s a good one. Mark is a good-hearted everyman, cut from the same cloth as Peter Parker but with the powers of Superman. That’s a whole lot of responsibility.

Also, did you know: Invincible issue #111 was a parody of superhero comics propensity to reboot, marketing itself as three new number one issues (#111 = #1, #1 and #1) that promised to reset the book’s continuity. Fortunately, easy to follow continuity is what this book is all about and the unnecessary reboot was just a joke.


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