The Mag

Revels Magazine is a collaboration of a bunch of snake people who miss each other and the late night movie marathons and pop culture debates of the days we all lived in the same bitty midwestern town. We created this space to talk about the stuff we love and why we love it, whether it’s a post-apocalyptic video game or FLOTUS’s fashion sense. It’s not a magazine; it’s a website. Or is it a magazine? Print is dead! Evolution of language! What is, you know, like, Real, I mean actually? Boom. All we can know is that we love pop culture and we love to gab about it to each other and the internet. We’re bringing you some quality deep dives into art and culture, as well as some quality listicles and quality goofiness because we are, after all, snake people, and what do you expect from us?

The Staff

Nora Byrne is a self-employed stress case, art model and grad school applicant. She’s in charge of wrangling Revels contributors, writing some tidbits about art, and sending emails with far more caps lock than necessary. Interests include: sketching, road trips, stress baking, Jane Austen adaptations, climbing on things.

Leann Do

Emily Graham Revels co-founder

Jacob Hill used to have a recurring nightmare about an ocean of fur and teeth and glowing red eyes. It was only later in life that he realized the dreams were inspired by Jeff Smith’s children’s comic Bone. Since then, he has read every comic ever written, developed a lot of opinions about them, and plans to let the internet know about a few of them.

Eryn Killian is an archivist by day and a writer and fangirl by night (and co-founder of Revels!) Here you’ll find her writing about all kinds of media, fan culture, and feminism. Interests include: lady knights, robots with feelings, superheroes, pie. She also runs our Tumblr!

Alex Vanko is a Very Important Scientist by day and a film and gaming enthusiast by night…and also by day.  He enjoys forcing his friends to watch movies and play games that he knows they’ll like even if (or especially if) they didn’t take the critical or commercial world by storm.  Look for his columns Hidden Gems and One Perfect Moment in Gaming on Revels Magazine.

Have an opinion? We’re always looking for new contributors, whether you want to write long features or short blurbs and contribute monthly, weekly, or only once. Email revelsmagazine@gmail.com with a relevant writing sample and a brief description of what you’d like to write about. Note: We cannot pay you. We don’t pay ourselves either. Why are we doing this.