Say, Have you read Wytches?

The Comic: Wytches, by Scott Snyder, with art by Jock.

What it’s about: Sailor Rook was bullied, so badly she wished her bullies would just die. Unfortunately for her, her wish is granted when long, pale fingers reach out of a knot in a nearby tree, pull her bully in, and devours her alive. These wytches are ancient and primal spirits, and seem to think that Sailor is pledged to them, whatever that means. Now her father, a writer named Charlie, will do anything he can to give his daughter a normal life.

Why you should read it: Holy hell, this book is scary. Snyder and Jock are one of my favorite collaborative teams, and when they do scary they hit upon something deep and primal. I don’t know if it’s the story, which is downright chilling, or the weird combination of digital and hand-drawn art. It gives the entire book an ethereal feel like a dream- or a nightmare.

Also, did you know: In the back of the first collection, Snyder relates the story that inspired this comic. Basically, he used to hunt through the forest looking for ‘witches’ with his friends, until one day they found something in the woods. He returned to those woods as an adult, having written off his experiences as imagination, only to find the woods unchanged and waiting for him. Somehow, he manages to capture that particular emotion, of discovering your childhood nightmares are all too real.


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