Say, Have you read Star Wars Legacy?

The Comic: Star Wars Legacy, written by John Ostrander, with art by Jan Duursema and others.

What it’s about: 125 years after the battle of Endor, Cade Skywalker is destined to be the next great jedi in his family. But when the evil Sith return and displace the Galactic Empire, Cade is lost. He turns to drugs and a life of crime. That is until he meets a familiar R2 droid and encounters the ghosts of his famous ancestors. And so Cade embarks on a hero’s journey unlike any other in the Star Wars saga.

Why you should read it: Most Star Wars stories are at least somewhat worried about upsetting the status quo. In a story about the ancestor of Obi-Wan Kenobi, you can bet that the character will live long enough to have children. Not so with Legacy, which takes place generations after the Star Wars stories of the films. The book is pre-Disney, so it may be contradicted by more recent films, but anyone who loves Star Wars will find plenty of fresh, unexpected ideas here.

Also, did you know: The name Cade was chosen when the comics creators practiced calling out different names as if they were Aunt Beru back on Tatooine. “Cade, come and drink your blue milk!”


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