The Comic: Trillium, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Jeff Lemire.

What it’s about: William Pyke is a veteran of the Great War, now on a journey of exploration to Peru in 1921. Nika Temsmith is a botanist trying to track down a mysterious plant deep in the reaches of space in 3797. Though they are separated by thousands of years, they are in love.

Why you should read it: Romance is not the first genre people think about when you mention comics. Sure, there were the very teenage, very heterosexual, mostly white romance comics of the 1950s, but now romance as a genre is practically unheard of. Fortunately, comics are a medium filled with unbridled creativity and this, one of Lemire’s strongest solo efforts takes those things to the extreme. This is a star-crossed romance but it is the most psychedelic comic on this side of Moebius. In similar vein to the popular series Outlander, Lemire’s Trillium is sad and beautiful and full of human emotion.

Also, did you know: A trillium is a flowering plant, and is a traditional cure for diarrhea. Probably not what Lemire was trying to evoke in his epic romance.


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