Say, have you read Archer and Armstrong?

The Comic: Archer and Armstrong by Fred Van Lente, with art by Clayton Henry.

What it’s about: Obadiah Archer was raised to be an assassin by Christian Fundamentalists. He learned that cavemen rode dinosaurs shortly before Noah built the ark, and has never seen a news program except for those shown on Fox. Armstrong (who goes by many other names) is a hedonistic immortal. Boozing his way through history since the time of Gilgamesh, Armstrong only wants to drink wine, write poetry, and spend his time with beautiful women. Archer is sent to kill Armstrong. But Armstrong is just too fun- and too immortal – to kill. The two become best friends. It’s an odd couple adventure story with the oddest couple of all time.

Why you should read it: It’s one of the funniest comics ever written. The first story has the duo teaming up with ninja nuns to find secret codes that the sculptor Michelangelo left around the Vatican, to stop the evil capitalist cult, the 1% (and their Wolves of Wall Street). And that’s probably their most subdued adventure, the two fight the concept of zero, get lost in time, and run afoul of Armstrong’s less Romantic brothers.

Also, did you know: Archer and Armstrong is actually a reboot of a series from the 90s. The original series had much more of a focus on Armstrong as a corrupter, trying to turn the virginal Archer into as much of an alcoholic hedonist as he is. Also, Archer had a very grubby ponytail.


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