Say, Have you Read Batgirl?

The Comic: Batgirl, written by Bryan Q. Miller, with art by Lee Garbett.


What’s it about: Stephanie Brown is different from the rest of Batman’s supporting cast. Where most of them are motivated by tragedy, revenge or a grim compulsion to bring about justice, Stephanie is brighter. She is the optimist of the Batman family, and in this volume she finally comes to the forefront as Batgirl, fighting such classic villains as Clayface, the Calculator, and 23 holographic Draculas.

Why you should read it: Truly the Buffy of Batman books, this volume of Batgirl is bouncy and fun. Batman stories typically skew dark (at least since the 1970s), and while there is a lot of darkness in Stephanie’s world, she doesn’t let it get her down. She’s funny, with clever one-liners and a great supporting cast. It’s great superhero action, as a Bat-Family book should be. Best of all, every issue showcases Steph’s relationships with other characters in her world. A¬†superhero is only as strong as their supporting cast, and this book has one of the best in comics.

Also, did you know: In a flashforward to events that never came to be, the reader gets to see which color lantern ring would go to each of the Batman characters. The strong willed Barbara Gordon gets a Green Lantern ring. The angry and vengeful Damian Wayne gets a Red Lantern ring. And the eternal optimist Stephanie Brown gets a Blue Lantern ring.


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