Stuff We’re Into: Teen Angst

Nora: Skins


Look at them they’re friends!

What it is: 2007 British teen drama, like The OC if The OC had a ton of heart, accents and was about working-class public school students. So, nothing like the OC. British public school kids living their lives, basically, to the best of their ability, played by our current generation of fabulous British actors and actresses. Teen drama can be hard to swallow when you’re not, say, a teenager, but Skins does a good job of finding the universal message/lesson in any immature plot lines and throwing some serious stuff in there. Just because they’re teenagers doesn’t mean they can’t get hit by cars (and that’s not even HALF of it).

Why You Should Watch: You’re waiting for the next Game of Thrones episode, I assume, and want to have your mind totally blown. Watching Gendry as the campus stoner and Gilley the penultimate manic pixie dream girl pulled me through a few seasons, though it does get very real. I haven’t heard anything good about the American adaptation (gasp!), but this one does a great job of balancing standard angst and real problems. I had to stop because I didn’t feel like, well, feelings, and Game of Thrones was depressing enough. But there are a lot of people with a higher drama tolerance than me (read: I have never actually watched The OC). If you’ve got some leftover sympathy for teenagers with minimal eye rolling and want to see a baked Baratheon and a wildling in lingerie, definitely check it out.

Bonus: Young Hank McCoy as a sociopath.


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