Fashion 102: FLOTUS

Leann and Nora were both assigned in Room 102 in our first year of college. We bonded over a 6.5 shoe size, tea, Nora forgetting her keycard, and most importantly, clothes. Here we discuss our favorite moments with sartorial icons and their apparel.

Let’s begin with Michelle Obama.


That basically covers it, but we’ll continue anyway. As NPR has covered in full, our First Lady has made quite an impact mainstreaming affordable clothing as a viable fashion capital. Since Leann and my main form of keeping in touch involves sending each other links to Forever 21’s online store, debating the merits of pleather and cutoff shorts (Leann: trashy, Nora: why buy shorts when you can just snip mom jeans?), we adore her. Need more convincing?



N: Canadian First Lady Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau gracefully coveting Michelle’s Jason Wu at the Canada State Dinner.


L: Optimism at the State of the Union. Get it?



N: Schoolchildren gracefully coveting Michelle’s 3.1 Philip Lim bomber. Beats my classic dirt-stained cutoff jean shorts and saggy tank top.


L: MCQUEEN DUH. Bringing the red to the China State Dinner.



N: This Elizabeth Bennet at Pemberly moment brought to you by Vogue’s Annie Liebovitz and Michael Kors. Yes, Barack is Mr. Darcy. Duh.


L: And anytime she wears J. Crew on or off Air Force 1.



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